Copper Alloys

CDA 110 (Electrolytic Tough Pitch Copper, UNS C11000)) has high electrical and thermal conductivity, as well as good corrosion resistance and solderability. CDA 110 has excellent characteristics that enable it to be drilled, soldered, bent, riveted, and much more. CDA 110 has excellent hot workability and is soft and ductile at a red heat. CDA 110 is used in a wide variety of industries.

copper c110
Copper Alloys

Availability :

CDA 110 is available in the form of Copper Sheets, Copper Plates, Copper Bars, Copper Strips, and Pipe. CDA 110 Foil (Shim) is available in various thicknesses. BS C101 is available in Foil, Strip, Bar, and Sheet. For all other stock availability contact Sales.

Specifications :

  • UNS C11000
  • ASTM B75, ASTM F68 and ASTM B447
  • ISO Cu-ETP
  • CW004AHC
  • ASTM B187
  • ASTM B188
  • ASTM B283
  • ASTM B49
  • ASTM B152
  • ASTM B171
  • CDA 110 ETP
  • ASTM B124
  • ASTM B272