About Us

aboutusKalapurna Steel & Engg. Pvt. Ltd. is a market leader in the supply of metal and alloys in India. As a leading stock list and supplier of aerospace grade materials, we provide an ever-expanding range of products and services to our industries and R & D organizations.

Kalapurna was incorporated in 1994 and has been serving customers in a wide range of industries including Aerospace, Marine, Navy, Defence, Space, R & D centres, Chemical, Petrochemicals, Automotive Engineering Companies. Our Seamless operations enable us to offer a wide array of aerospace products services. Our company has succeeded by providing high value products t to industries large small. In fact, our emphasis on meeting specific needs is a top priority. Our company is focusing to provide unique solutions and source even the smallest order to meet customer specification.

Regardless of the size, Kalpaurna boast of a highly energetic and participate work force. Our ISO 9001 & AS 9120 certification is proof of our total commitment to the most rigorous standards of excellence and you will find more proof in every product we supply. We are Quality Management System certified company by LRQA.

At KALAPURNA, we plan to be one of the premier players in an industry that is constantly evolving. Even as customer demands remain ever changing and relentless in term of scope, we are able to meet the by deploying our business strategies throughout the company and staying ahead of the challenges developing our business strategies throughout the company and staying ahead of the competition. We may be young but we have proved that we can compete with the best and successfully carry out own highly profitable niche in a very competitive business area.

Kalapurna team stands ready to work jointly and creatively with you to support your ‘PROGRAMME’ at the bottom level. You can expect consistency in the excellence of our product and value –added services that cater directly to you needs and meet all you expectations. We look upon every assignment as an opportunity to achieve successful results with timely delivery and unsurpassed and customer service.